About FGP-Stuff.eu

We are a manufacturer, parts dealer (new and used), and specialized workshop catering to Lamborghini and Ferrari enthusiasts. Our wide range of services and products includes:


  • Crash Car Repair: We expertly repair vehicles involved in accidents.
  • Inspection Services: Offering oil changes, brake checks, and more.
  • Diagnostics: Specialized in Lamborghini and Ferrari diagnostics.
  • OEM Spare Parts: Genuine Lamborghini and Ferrari spare parts.
  • Manufacturing: We produce high-quality fiberglass and carbon-fiber products.

Our Services Include:

  • Car Body Parts: Providing a variety of automotive body parts.
  • Inspections: Comprehensive Lamborghini inspections.
  • Oil Changes: Routine maintenance for your vehicle.
  • Diagnostics: Advanced CPU diagnostics for Lamborghini and Ferrari.
  • Fitment Services: Expert installation services.
  • Manufacturing: Custom fiberglass, carbon-fiber, ABS, PET, and rubber parts.
  • Headlight Lenses Production: Crafting automotive light lenses.
  • Crash Repair: Restoring vehicles post-collision.
  • Additional Diagnostics: Servicing Ferrari and Maserati vehicles.
  • New Original Parts: Genuine Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Dodge Viper parts.
  • Aftermarket Parts: High-quality aftermarket options.
  • Used Original Parts: Authentic Lamborghini and Ferrari used parts.
  • Fiberglass and Carbon Production: Crafting durable components.
  • Parts Repair: Expert repair services for fiberglass and carbon parts.
  • Boat Repair: Specialized in boat repairs and maintenance.
  • Car Tuning: Enhancing your vehicle's performance.
  • Painting: Professional automotive painting services.
  • Mold Production: Creating molds for various applications.

At FGP-Stuff.eu, we are dedicated to providing top-notch products and services to meet the needs of Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Dodge Viper enthusiasts. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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